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The active pulse of the city surrounds us. We are both attracted to and fueled by the urban rhythm. But sometimes we need to step away. We seek out many ways to stay in shape ... to stay sane ... to stay fit and full of energy ... to be stronger, more confident, and more alive inside ... to find balance ... to cope with stress at work ... to feel great. Plagued by illness, injury, and stress, it’s required that we find balance. Unearth respite from the daily grind through the nourishing and restorative method of therapeutic massage.
City folks do it differently:
Gripping, for dear life, onto anything in the cramped subway car in order to avoid elbowing someone in the eye
Lugging groceries for blocks at a time
Climbing five flights of stairs — after a long day of work — before even putting the key in the door
On your feet or sitting at a desk all day
Adjusting to cramped living conditions
Absorbing all of the various external pathogens and toxins through the lungs and the skin
Deep Root Massage offers the following services: