Chelle H | Austin, TX

"I've had dozens of massages at 5-star spas all over the world and I can honestly say that Chris is the best practitioner I've ever worked with. 90 minutes later I wanted to cry with relief. I can feel the difference between the generic massages I'd received for years and an excellent therapeutic massage that relieved both my pain and stress. My doctor has suggested massage for years as a core therapy for chronic pain, but it's only after working with Chris that I'm committed to making massage "sacred time" on my monthly schedule. Can't recommend highly enough."

Susanne R I New York, NY

"Sadly, Deep Root has moved to Austin and I still live in the northeast. Chris is the best massage therapist I have ever had. A lot of massage businesses now focus on fussy treatments rather than solid technique. Chris has the rare combination of deep anatomical knowledge and expert technique. I first went to him when I was struggling with a longstanding injury that I couldn't quite pinpoint. My first massage with him was the beginning of my recovery. Chris's massages are simultaneously healing, soothing and energizing. Lucky you, Austin!"

Peter B | New York, NY

“To limit what Chris does by calling it massage is a disservice to his talents.  His detailed and nuanced understanding of the body paired with his talented and strong hands, results in the most incredible and beneficial experience.  

Chris is a master.  He puts every bit of himself and his energy into each and every inch of your body.”

Shari S I New York, NY

“Chris is less like a spa and more like a doctor — you go to him with your troubles, he asks lots of questions, he takes notes in your chart, and he goes to work. 

Chris knows his stuff! He is just lovely: warm, fun, and interesting.

After a few sessions, I was miraculously good as new.”   

Yvette K | New York, NY

“Christopher is truly talented, empathetic and so kind.  He is a master with his hands!  

He takes the time to get to know you, is a genius when it comes to human anatomy, and each visit is customized to whatever I need in a given session. 

Do yourself a favor and book a massage, you will not regret it!”

Lisa S | New York, NY

BEST.MASSAGE.EVER. I prefer deep work and he did an amazing job. That being said, he was very good at making sure the pressure was OK ~ that I was doing OK. He works smart. Takes his time. You really get the sense that he knows exactly what he's doing. 

I  highly  recommend Chris! You won't be sorry.”

Adam G | New York, NY

Chris is absolutely awesome.  I have been seeing him on and off for 3 years.  As someone who is an athlete and very active, he has helped me recover from countless injuries.

He has helped me with neck spasms, lower back issues, rotator cuff injuries, and recovery after week-long snowboarding trips.

If you are dealing with any sort of injury, daily pain, or just want to recover from intense activity, Chris is your guy.” 

Lulu B | New York, NY

“My sessions with Chris are more than just a massage. They are informative and transformative. I felt very safe and at ease with Christopher as my therapist and guide, he's open and easy to talk to. I highly recommend this practitioner.

Make an appointment, you will thank me!”